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Fun Gangnam Time

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  • Fun Gangnam Time

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    I’ve been bumped and shaken over miles of the worst roads in existence. I’ve visited every town. Every plantation of any importance. Brandy. ─ Yes, yes. There is just subject on everybody’s lips. That is that the capital of these United States has to be located in the South. I thought so. ─ It will be a fight to get it. Well it will be your last fight Tom Jefferson, if you don’t. You don’t know how they feel about it down there. They don’t care about anything else. And they don’t talk about anything else. If you don’t swing this, Jefferson .. ─ Our goose is cooked. I’ve got to swing it. But we can’t get it without Hamilton. A fine chance we have of getting him. He’ll stand out for New York of course. But we’ve got to get the capital for the South. We’ve pledged ourselves to our party. And if we don’t get it, we’re done for. I’ve heard them talk. And I know. Hamilton would have great influence with Congress. I think we’ll have to try a little .. persuasion. What? Go begging to Hamilton? Well, perhaps we’d better pay him a friendly call?

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