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Dump Fast Escape Adventure

Dump Fast  Escape Adventure


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Dump Fast Escape Adventure Description

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But we’re not after change. We’re looking for treasure. Got it? Let’s scan, then see where to dig. We’re paying him anyway. OK, scan it, but we won’t find anything elsewhere. You can’t be sure. Let’s save this. Did your great-grandparents stay here? Yes. What does your brother do? He’s a lawyer. Is there soil under the floor? Yes, I think so. What will this room be? A bathroom and kitchen. Can you move this ladder, please? Will he use plasterboard? Yes, to make a false ceiling. It’s . meters high. Really hard to heat in winter. There’s metal here. And here. Perhaps there’s a cable, or a drain? Probably from the bar. This was a bar after the revolution. It’s definitely a drainage pipe. Strange you can’t see it? If they’d taken up a board, you’d notice, right? I don’t know. Not my field. What should we do? Should I save this one? No point. It’s a drainage pipe. Let’s scan here too. Are they crows? What else could they be? There’s a nest? Yeah, in the attic. There’s a hole in the roof. How will you get them out? I’ll do it when we repair the roof. That’s what you think. If I repair the roof Games You won’t be able to go in. They’ll eat you alive. Don’t exaggerate. I’m not exaggerating. Want to bet that you won’t be able to go in? I’m in no mood for betting. I’ll find a solution. Yes. Shoot them. Just mind your own business. Don’t worry, I will. You really need to shoot them? There’s no other way. You need a shotgun, and a cartridge with rounds. Get them together, you can kill or with one cartridge. There are that many? In there? At least pairs, if you ask me. Really? I’m telling you! You can also get them when they’re flying. If you get them in a flock, you can get or at a time. It’s like shooting ducks. Ever hunted ducks? No. You can get or with one cartridge. Of course, it depends how far off they are. If it’s a long way, the shot’s less effective. That’s why I said it’s best to catch them inside. I had a maple over there, and they’ve cut it down. Where? Back there. Your garden goes back beyond the trees?

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