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Purplehill Railway Valley Adventure

Purplehill Railway Valley Adventure


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Purplehill Railway Valley Adventure Description

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Yes. So how did they carry it? They didn’t. It’s still there. But I have no idea how they got in. The gate is closed. Can you move back? I’ll come for chainsaw later. What for? I cut down that tree, and I need to chop it up. The loony’s here with someone from Bucharest. They’ve got a machine that beeps. They’re after his grandfather’s treasure. He’s crazy. He won’t stay long. Can I take it tomorrow? Not tomorrow. The day after? Sure. Anything? No, it’s clean. Let’s dig where you said, before dark. Here… From here Games to here. Under the sensor. Hi. We’ve started digging. Not yet, but we’re on the right track. The detector found something, and we’ve started digging. What are you up to? How’s Alin? Let me speak to him. No, not yet, son. I can’t talk for long, can you put Mommy on? You told him I’m looking for treasure? Come on, Raluca, what the hell! And what if I don’t find any? Couldn’t you tell him that I’m on a business trip, or fishing? Jesus! OK, we’ll talk when I get home. Fine. Move over! It’s there. How deep did you say it goes? meters. So if we don’t find anything at meters, there’s nothing. I don’t know. We’d have to try then and see. Or bring the other one. So, if we dig for meters, and don’t find anything? We try the detector again? Yes. And if it shows digits, you’ll make us dig more? I’m not making you do anything. Don’t avoid the question. I’m not avoiding anything. If the detector shows something, I’ll tell you, and you can do what you like. I think Games If there’s nothing there, your detector is to blame. It’s a first class detector. Come on, let’s dig to meters and see. See what? If there’s nothing at meters, there’s nothing there. If we dig down meters and find nothing, there won’t be anything at meters either. Are we digging, or what? But doesn’t it make sense? It makes sense. But we can also try with the other one. It’s there. But you need to take more from the sides. Anyway, your grandfather dug the hole in one night. How deep could he dig in one night? meters at most. Like Cornel

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