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Faster Complex Motion Adventure

Faster Complex Motion Adventure


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Faster Complex Motion Adventure Description

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says. Want to bet? Bet what? You find something deeper than meters, we go -? I’m not in a betting mood. Then stop having a go at me. Why so many bricks? I don’t know. There was a brickworks here. You said it was a steelworks? It was a brickworks and a steelworks. A lot went on in this garden. And now there’s nothing. But it’s OK. If we don’t find anything here, you can sell this iron and make a bit of money. If we don’t find anything, it’s only fair that you don’t get paid either. Why shouldn’t I get paid? You made us dig for nothing. I worked all my life. I didn’t go running after treasure. A real Communist slogan! What do you mean? The Communists used to say: “We work, we don’t think”. They didn’t quite say that. No? You’ve already forgotten? I haven’t forgotten. But I was referring to something else. You let the cat out of the bag. Forget it. Now you’re pissing me off. Watch your language, don’t forget you’re in my garden! There. It’s there. Stop scanning every bit of wire. You’re making my head ache. I wanted to see if it’s iron. You still don’t know? Fine. I’ll stop scanning. You’ll need a ladder here. I’ll get the one from your brother’s. Get the light, too. It’s pitch black, I can’t see a thing. Want a hand? No. It’s there! How deep do you think it is? How tall are you? . meters. So about Games. Maybe more, maybe less. There’s no more iron here. Perfect. That means we’re on the right track. Or not. You can be really negative! Do you look for bombs with that piece of crap? Yes. Why? Just thinking. Thinking what? Why do you care what I’m thinking? You work, you don’t think. Now you’re really pushing it. Don’t talk to me like we’re in the army, you’re pissing me off. Costi! Costi! I’m leaving. Go then. Shut your mouth, you didn’t hire me. Did you hear? I’m leaving. Wait, let me dig a bit more. Let him go! We can dig without him. So why didn’t you dig? Just because. Get the other one, and see what it says. You can’t put the other one in the hole. It needs a flat surface. Just admit you don’t know how to use it!

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