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Go to exit Aventura

Go to exit Aventura


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Go to exit Aventura Description

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We’d like that. I’ll come get them, and bring them back tonight. Or maybe tomorrow… …so you and Vera could spend some time alone? How about that? Until tomorrow? I don’t know. So are they coming or not? Hold on a minute. Kir! Would you like to go see Flora? Yes. Eva! Yes Daddy? Would you like to go see the girls? Is Kir coming? I’m coming, I’m coming! Viktor. I heard that, I’ll come pick them up. Hello. Please speak. I’m sorry. I dialed a wrong number. You’ve dialed a city number. From this phone you cannot dial long distance. You may call long distance using the public phone located at the train station… Or through the operator. Then I would like to use the operator. Yes. Hello? Robert. It’s Vera. Good afternoon, Vera. Is everything all right? Yes. I called you today but no one answered the phone. No one was here. Sure that everything is all right? Yes. Sure. I don’t even know why I’ve called you. Vera… Yes? Take care… Take care of your children. Thank you, Robert. Good bye. Good bye. They will not come back soon. Let’s go for a walk. We need to make a decision. I don’t want to talk right now about adultery. I want to forget about all of this. Let’s get rid of the child. We need to do it, are you listening to me? There are things more important than this. Everything is going to be all right. We’ll start over. We’ll try. Why don’t you answer? Do whatever you want… Fast. I have no regrets. Hello? A phonecall to the city. -. Yes, I’ll wait. Hello. Mark, it’s me. If you know someone that’ll do it… bring him over today. Can you? OK. I’ll wait. Hello? Hi. It’s me. I found two. It’ll take about minutes. In two days she’ll be back on her feet again. She’ll forget everything in a month. All right. Yes? Hello, Dad. Can we stay here overnight? It’s so interesting. Uncle Viktor could bring us back home tomorrow. Is he back already? Yes, he just came back. I want to talk to him. Daddy, please. He asked us. It’s all right with me, but I want to talk with Uncle Viktor. Uncle Viktor, Dad wants to talk to you.

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