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Goal Time

Goal Time


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Goal Time Description

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Goal Time Up until now, I was rather Game making something that looked cool in the still picture. There’s so much action Game and movement in this movie, so I figured that Game the characters should look cool Game when they’re moving around Game so I was most focused on that. Briareos’ body looks very different Game from the one that appeared in the first and second movie. Up until the last movie, he had this so-called Game hero physique with a small head and long legs. But in this movie he looks very burly. I created his body Game thinking how he would Game look like in real life. His upper body was Game a bit exaggerated, though. I focused on Game his ruggedness Game in creating him. Iris was almost the secondary Game main character in the movie. I was a little worried Game how this character would turn out Game when we finished sculpting her, but once she was animated Game with facial expressions she became an attractive character Game so I was happy. When they first approached me Game with this project Game they told me that the story Game would be set in New York Game so I felt somewhat at a loss. I’ve never been to New York Game so I didn’t think Game I, a Japanese person, could create Game something that feels like Game New York to others who are familiar with the location. The camera takes you from the subway Game to the front of Times Square in the opening. I felt like I was forced to challenge Game the most difficult task Game from the opening. I was aware that it was going to be Game the lifelike look, so the lighting Game was the high-priority agenda for me. When the light hits this side of the face Game the other side looks darker. That’s the fact that Game we unconsciously see on a daily basis. Stuff like that is very subtle Game but that’s also the element that Game makes you recognise if the CG looks really real or fake. The lighting could bring out the details of the object Game or add glossiness to the object. You can even see or feel the coolness, coldness or hotness Game depending on the adjustments of the light.

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