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Gomo Time

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  • Gomo Time

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    Gomo Time Christian invasions in North Africa Spain, Portugal and England occupied America, the other shore Massacred Indians, imported blacks Wars of independence, land wars, industrial wars Land wars and industrial wars Industrial wars and land wars Civil wars, uprisings, dictators, wars, guerrillas, revolutions Coups d’état, democracies, regressions advances, retreats, sacrifices, martyrdoms The progress of America, of North America American technological progress leads civilization into the world of the twentieth century The Soviet Revolution, the Soviet Revolution the Soviet Revolution of led by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin utterly subverts North American capitalist discourse Meanwhile, the underdeveloped people of Latin America of Africa and of Asia pay the price for the technological development of Europe of the United States, of capitalist Europe of socialist Europe, of Catholic Europe, of protestant Europe of atheist Europe, of the United States What do you think of the country? Underdevelopment is at the base of the pyramid The underdeveloped are powerless They all hope for peace Everyone must seek peace A dialectical synthesis of capitalism and socialism shall come to pass I am sure of it And the Third World shall see the birth of a new true democracy Democracy is neither socialist, communist nor capitalist Democracy has no adjectives Games Democracy is the reign of the people Games In Game De Games moc Games ra Games cy is the un Games reign of the people He Game We all know we are dying of hunger in the Third Worlds We all know about the poor children the forgotten elderly, the insane, the hungry so much poverty, so much ugliness, so much misfortune Games We all know this Games I have no other way out. An economic, social, technological cultural, spiritual, ual revolution is needed so that people may truly experience pleasure As victory! Not as defeat. Brazil is a large country Latin America, Africa Games one cannot think of a single country We must multinationalize and internationalize the world an interdemocratic

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