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Happy fish

Happy fish


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Happy fish Description

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Happy fish Sister Game Yoohoo Game Surprise Game Congratulations Game One for you and one for you Take it, will you keep me standing like this? Tell me, do you like it? How do you like it, the rings? What? Someone say something Game This is your probation’s report card Game you’re not perfect, but we’ll make do Game Now before I change my mind, please make each other wear the rings Game What’s wrong? They’re solitaires Game Don’t like the design? Ok, just wear them now for ceremony Game Tomorrow you can go there and choose your own rings. Ok? So who wears the ring first, the boy or the girl? Why are you laughing? Papa Game we are not getting married Game She is serious It’s over between us Game all over.. Hey Game sit, sit down! So I simply played all this squash, wasted my sweat, made enquiries in fifty departments Game And do you know how many phone calls, photocopies, plastic files I’ve spent on Game on this Mohit of your’s? Not mine. Now I’m not going to investigate any other boy Game Talk to each other, and resolve whatever this fight is about Game Say sorry, and exchange rings Game come on Game Papa it’s impossible. There’s a huge gap between us now. Which can only be filled with a lot of money. Money that your daughter has, but I don’t Game Does anyone fight over money Game Did you borrow money from him? Return it Game I don’t have any money for her to borrow Game I haven’t got a salary for three months Game and the fact is, I am unemployed.. I’m looking for a job. You lost your airlines job? Oh bloody! You lost it then itself, right? I knew it Game l knew it Game You lied to me? Yes Game I lied to you Game So now, should I make her wear the ring? Like hell you will! You’ve failed a % Game % fail! You’ve lied, you liar! And you pretend to be Gandhi Game you are lying to Mayera yourself Game What lying? I’m trying for a job, he’s helping me Game Was helping me Game was! You had promised me Game Sister, halwa Game Forget it Papa Please get rid of this job mania Game ok? Mohit gone Game mania gone!

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