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Harry Potter Magic Numbrid

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  • Harry Potter Magic Numbrid

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    Harry Potter Magic Numbrid Description

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    Whose designs are they? Mine. Games Wow, brilliant! Really great. We need to leave Anna alone, she’s at the wire stage. So Game Come on. Anna Game This is definitely something for you. It’s a competition for young designers. You must enter! Anna, can you bring us two coffees? Dammit! Hey, are you OK? Games Yes, no, sorry, My name’s Jim. I’m Karel Lindner’s replacement. Oh, right. Miller. Barbara Miller. Games Barbara. Right. Because there’s no roof there isn’t a real bicycle shed here. No. I had a torn saddle, and the rain turned the split all slimy. And I always had a wet patch on my pants. Well Game Games Well Game Don’t know why I’m talking about that. Games That’s OK. Saddles come up far too infrequently in conversation. They do, don’t they? Games Yes. I’m going inside. Me too. Karel Lindner told me a bit about your son. Mainly about howhe behaves in class and Game At the Game Sorry. I dropped my pen. I’ve got one like that too. Right, we were talking about your son, Paul. Simon Game Bram. Games Bram Game That Theo Cremer isn’t that bad, you know. Half a day on set with him and you’re in love again. There’s something about him. I can understand women falling for him. There’s a word for that, menopause. Don’t be such a moron! Mum! Do I look like a girl you’d fall in love with? Darling, you look wonderful! Correct answer. Now I just need bigger breasts. Judith? Why are you calling me? I wanted to ask if I could borrow some money. , euros. ,? You just got an advance! I told you I wanted to write that screenplay. With that money, I can buy some time so I can really concentrate on it. What happened to the money you got from your parents? I invested it. Games In what? Clothes, your daughters, I Game Mum and Dad always argue about everything. High time I intervened! I can’t shop like this. Dad! Mum! Games Judith? Stop, now! It would be unethical to leave either ofthese dresses behind. You’re right. Even ifyou want to buy five dresses, sweetheart.

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