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Headless Zombie Adventure Time

Headless Zombie Adventure Time


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Headless Zombie Adventure Time Description

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Maggie? What, are you obsessed with this or what? God, I knew you didn’t have any brains, but I thought you had some taste. Why don’t you just cool out? Why don’t you just shut your little mouth, you little slut? And as far as Maggie goes, I saw her leave here with that little film nerd. What’s his name? Toby? Yeah, that’s right, Toby. I caught them in the dark and they were going at it. They were hot and heavy. And you wouldn’t believe it, they’re on their way to his house. You’re full of . Hey, asshole! Oh, no. Uh-oh. You got a problem? I said you got a problem? No, do you? He hit me. Kick his ass! Kick his ass! Uh-uh, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute, this boy’s been getting beat up all day. You want him, you gotta go through me. I don’t hit chicks. Now back off! You don’t hit chicks? You swear to god? I ain’t never hit a chick in my life. That’s all I wanted to know. Rad! I could’ve done that. You ! Oh, my hair! Punk-ass blonde ! Get your sorry ass out of here. You’re messing with my hair! It’s not your hair anyway! I’m gonna bust your butt, bad boy. God damn it! I got you, wimp! You ain’t ! Oh! He’s going for the side door! I can’t believe she went to Toby’s house. Toby and Maggie, are you crazy? You believe that dumb ? You guys know where Toby lives? Crescent Road, apartment about five blocks away. Believe it. She’s the world’s authority on Toby d’Amato. Use the side door. Right. Oh, my god, my stench cue! I’m late. Almost time. Lanyard Gates began “Possessor” at midnight. And we will follow in his footsteps. Wait, I forgot the other member of the original cast. Ta-da! Mom? Sarah, mom. Mom, Sarah. Maggie, forgive me. Hey, sure, why not? All she did was murder your father, destroy his life’s work, and then lie to you your whole life. Sure, say a couple of Hail Marys and forget the whole thing. Maggie, he was giving you acid. I had to get you out. Liar, liar, face on fire, face on fire! Toby, don’t do this, please! Toby! Lanyard Gates was crazy! I am rubber, you’re glue. Everything that you’re saying bounces off me and sticks on you!

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