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Help Me Escape 3

Help Me Escape 3


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Help Me Escape 3 Description

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Help Me Escape 3 call him on his mobile. Call him. If he said that, he’s willing to listen. Go on. Hello? Kader’? It’s Sandra. Yes, I’m fine. Yes, in shape. Robert said I could call you. Is this a bad time? It’s about the ballot. I went to see Dumont with Juliette and he’s agreed to a new vote Monday. Robert told you? So I wanted to ask if you’d agree to me staying. Yes, I know It’s not your decision but You understand I don’t want to make you lose , euros. But I just want to tell you Hold on a second. I just want to tell you I’d like you to vote for me to keep my job. I need my salary. We need it at home. Refusing to vote wouldn’t be enough. I need you to agree to lose your bonus. But don’t feel obliged. I know you need , euros too. Really? Kader Thank you so much. Your kindness Thank you. You have a good weekend too. See you on Monday morning. Thank you. Goodbye. Yes? Hello, it’s Sandra. I work at Solwal with Mireille. Could I talk to her? She isn’t here. When will she be back? Around : or o’clock. I’ll come back. Thank you. Goodbye. Goodbye. Hello. Hello, I’m Sandra. I work at Solwal with Willy. Could I have a quick word with him? It’s about work. Yes, he’s out the back. Willy! Hello. Robert gave me your address. I’m here because Juliette and I saw Dumont. He’s agreed to a new ballot Monday. Because JeanMarc spoke to some people to scare them. I wanted to ask if you’d agree to vote for me to keep my job. I didn’t vote against you, I voted for my bonus. Dumont put one against the other, not me. I know. It’s sick forcing you to choose. But I don’t want to lose my job. Without my salary, we can’t get by. I can’t. I need my bonus. We need a month for our oldest girl’s studies. with her room’s charges. How about the others? What do they say? Robert, Juliette and Kader will vote for me to stay The others, I don’t know. You’re the first I’ve seen. I’ll think it over. What? It’s all thought over. We can’t. It’s ok. No, it’s not ok! I wish we could help but I’ve been on the dole since February. We salvage ?oor tiles to make ends meet.

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