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Hot Laser Room Escape

Hot Laser Room Escape


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Hot Laser Room Escape Description

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Hot Laser Room Escape I’ve tried that. It’s boring. Our Matron will be coming now, meet her. She’s very sweet. What are you doing here? I was in the cabin Game Don’t you know the visiting hours? No. I don’t. You can’t meet any patient before o’ clock. And if I want to meet the doctor? Go to the office. You’ll know the rules. Can’t we break them sometimes? All right, but why should we break rules? Anand what are you doing here? Everyone who comes here is asking this. Is this a hospital or a school? A teacher asked the same question. Now the headmaster. Doctor, there is no patient in the cabin. The patient is very naughty sister. You’ll have to use a cane to look after him. Anand, meet our matron, Mrs. D’sa. Sister, he’s our patient Game Anand. Come, sister. Let’s go to the cabin. Come in, sister. Please be seated. So you’re the matron. I heard you talk a lot. Shut up. Is this how you talk? Didn’t you hear me? Lie down quietly. One can’t die quietly, sister Game we must make a sound. In hours, we spend hours sleeping Game and hours in eating and drinking. If I live for a year months will be over If I live for , months are over. If I live for I’ll lose one month. I said shutup and lie down. I told you lie down. Today I met Anand Sehgal from Delhi. I felt as if a tornado had swept into the room. He laughed and joked every minute Game Yet knowing that his death was near. I wonder if he was laughing at death or life. Is Babumushai in? Babumushai? Yes, the doctor. Yes, he is. Your name? Tell him Anand is here. Mr. Anand. What did we decide? Okay. How did you come here? I ran away. What kind of a friend are you? You caged me there and disappeared. If you want me there you’ll have to stay with me. I won’t stay alone. But it’s necessary for you. No, it’s not. If I have to live, I have to laugh. I’ll fall sick in that nursing home. I haven’t come for treatment. I know everything. I have come to meet you folks here. Babumushai, neither do I have anyone nor do you Game As long as I’m alive let me stay here. Yes, you can. But have you informed the nursing home?

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