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Hungry it’s time to eat

Hungry it’s time to eat


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Hungry it’s time to eat Description

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Hungry it’s time to eat We’ve got multiple systems failure. Rusty, sit down. I can veer off. Give me the throttle! alarm blaring Sit down. Sit down. Mission’s over. You’re all toast. What went wrong? They came in too fast. I tried telling you. We could have made it. Hey, excuses are the cornerstone of failure, and make no mistake, there were numerous failures up there. Like failing to ask for help or grabbing the controls or Game opting for speed when precision was called for. Someone got too caught up in giving orders. The goal is to win. No.Hey the goal is to get back safely. Now, do you know why so few people become astronauts? Because it is virtually impossible. The training weeds out everybody but the best and the brightest, the most disciplined, most devoted, but more importantly, the training weeds out the individuals Game from the team players, sir? Now I suggest you get back to the habitat and get some rest. JIMMY Thanks for throwing me under the bus. You know what I can’t figure out, James? I’m the mechanical genius, Sergei’s a hacker, Tao is a rocket scientist, Dani is a whiz at robotics, and Lacey’s a born pilot. So what’s your specialty? Writing essays? Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. hey! Hey. HEY The only thing you two are gonna be hitting is the showers. Now go on, Rusty. Hi. This is Jimmy. I can’t take your call right now, so you know what to do at the beep. How’d you find me? While you’re asleep, we inject each one of you with a homing device so we can track you on GPS. Chuckles Groundskeeper called, said there was some debris on the moon. You’re lucky I got here before they sandblasted you off. I’m sorry about the exercise. Rusty’s right. I wanted to succeed so badly, I lost my focus. I think I should resign from the team. Jimmy, you think you’re the only one who ever took a shortcut? You? I was in Mission Control in . My dad told me about it. Howl buried him? How you stood by him. Well, until I didn’t. Until you couldn’t anymore. You Game You stood by him as long as you could. He told me he lost it, he hurt his own cause. He and I are like that sometimes.

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