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Hyperlink Construction Time

Hyperlink Construction Time


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Hyperlink Construction Time Description

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of these mono-industrial cities, or what remains of them. I’ve just come from Bazinul Dornelor, and I can still picture what sulfur extraction did to Calimani. You’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve tried to get things to grow back. It’s impossible, for years, nothing will grow there. The level of pollution is like a global holocaust, to use a metaphor. What will happen to the mountains? You’re a real defender of the mountains Games Any luck? I found a company. I’ll call my dad tomorrow. euros? Yes. I’m going to bed. I’ll come soon. Can you help me with something? What? I need to go to… I want to tell the boss that I’m doing an inspection with you. I don’t have time. Come on. I helped you out before. Where do you want to go? I need to visit some companies that close at four. What companies? I can’t tell you. Come on, I helped you when you needed it for your niece. OK. Hello, boss. Hi, Costi. I need to go to Moise Nicoara Street. We received a complaint from the residents’ association saying a landlord has built on public land. Does he have authorization? He says so. But the association says it’s illegal. OK. Go and take a look. Who are you going with? With Liliana, boss. OK. Goodbye. Bye. Shall we go? Did you figure it out? Yeah. Come on! You’re leaving? Yes. Are you coming back? No. Turn right. Next, turn left. Hello! Hello. Looking for someone? I need a metal detector. An unexploded bomb? No. A friend’s house in the country. He says his grandfather, no his great-grandfather, buried treasure. What’s going on? This gentleman needs a detector. Hello. Hello. Come in. This way. What’s the surface area? I don’t know. It’s very important. The price depends on the area. Let me make a phone call. Make your call. Hi. How big is the garden? Yeah, in the country. Great, thanks. I’ll call you later. Bye. It’s about square meters. And where is it? I don’t know. It’s not in Bucharest? It’s near somewhere… Hold on, I’ll call again. Don’t bother. The price is euro per meter, so it’s euros plus VAT. Plus petrol money

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