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I got problems

I got problems


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I got problems Description

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I got problems Great to see you, pal. Shh! You guys validate? How about a nice glass of wine? I want you to destroy him, David. I don’t care how much it costs. Offer him , he’ll settle for .. He gets nothing. Just do your job. Or I’ll find a new lawyer. Maybe you should. Game Oh! Game Idiot! This shirt’s worth more than you are! I’m so sorry. I’ll Game I’ll get some club soda. Hey, Cindy, do you like your job, huh? Yeah, I love my job. Yeah, your job is to make my life easier. And you’re not doing your job. Don’t do this, erich. Do what? Huh? I’m Game I’m not your enemy. No. You’re just useless. God, look at me! You’re fired. Get out of my face! Okay. Feel better? Yeah. Yeah, I do. Are you sleeping with her? Not anymore. Well, you can’t fire her. With the lawsuit and everything else that’s going on, she knows too much Game She could bury you. She’s a flight attendant. She signed a nonGamedisclosure agreement. Well, hell hath no fury and yaddaGameyadda. Look, erich, at some point you have to realize that it’s better to keep your enemies inside your tent pissing out than outside your tent pissing in. I’ll handle it. Louise, come on! We gotta go! I’m coming! All right, we’re good? Yep. Okay. Mom, what happens if you get shot at work? Will I have to live with dad? No one’s going to shoot me, baby. Then why do you have to carry a gun? Because I’m a cop. It’s what we do, right? Right. I know you miss daddy. I don’t like being divorced. Trust me, it wasn’t my original plan, either. All right, let’s go. Have a great day! Morning, Louise. Love you. Later, Gator. Later. Bye. We’ve been searching for all these other types of birds, but we forgot one. It’s a duck tattoo. There it is. Okay, you get an address. Let’s see where this duck swims. Narcotics have tagged him in the past for Fentanyl pops. He’s a perfect match. All right. Right on time. Love it when they’re punctual. Come here! Come here! Hey! Come here. Chris Walton. What? You’re under arrest. What for? For being an asshole. Uh! Ah! Come on. Uh! So, let’s talk about Kevin Neyers. Who’s Kevin Neyers?

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