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ıce Love Spell Adventure

ıce Love Spell Adventure


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ıce Love Spell Adventure Description

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Wait. What… what’s that, Skeeter? I… I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s getting too close! Oh! Get it off! Skeeter, oh, god! Skeeter! Now, tell me this whole thing again. And spell it out for me this time. I’m simpleminded. And you’re ugly, too! The radiation… from the underground atomic tests stimulated the mosquito’s growth far beyond its normal size. Latimer, you’re a very good vet and a very pretty lady. But a mosquito capable of that kind of destruction would have to be as big as a house. Excuse me, lieutenant, sir. What is it, Corky? We got an emergency over at fielding’s pond, sir. Folks over there are saying that big larva are breeding in the water. Yeah, well, we got people breeding in the balcony! Here sooner, we could’ve gotten them all at the pond. We got all but one? Yes, ma’am, but that’s the mother. If I’m right and she comes back here, then maybe we… We’ve got a chance. Say, doc… Boo! Ow. Mark! Damn it, you scared me. Are you okay? Mm. Well, if I was a -ton mosquito, I wouldn’t waste all my time sucking through all them sheep. No, sir. I’d head straight for the blood bank. Okay, corky, go keep a lookout. If you see anything coming, holler loud and clear. You got it, sir. So, uh, tell me, is there a, uh, Mr. latimer? Not yet. Is there a Mrs. Bradley? Yeah. She lives in Kansas. Bakes apple pie. I call her mom. Whoo! Hey, no tongues! No tongues! Careful, Jim. The female mosquito is the dangerous one. Just thought I should let you know what you’re in for. Thanks for the warning. Mayday, mayday! Come on, bugs. I saw the thing up in the sky! It’s bigger than ever and it’s headed right this way. Holy cow, get Washington on the phone pronto. It’s picked up the scent of the plasma. Its proboscis is aimed right at us! Send the air force, Mr. president. Don’t forget the army, Navy, and the coast guard. How about the police dogs while you’re at it? We need every plane, tank, and battleship you’ve got, Mr. president. This is one hell of a bug. Thank you, sir. God bless you, too. I’m scared, lieutenant.

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