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ıce Love Spell

ıce Love Spell


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ıce Love Spell Description

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ıce Love Spell We’ll cripple the girl. Neither will she go out Game nor will anyone come here. Did you understand? You seem to be sensible. Hope you won’t take the trouble of coming back. What are you saying? I’ll have to. There are strong vibrations. So shall we be meeting again? Not only meeting but beating too. What did he mean? That means kicking. He’s threatening us. What’s the problem? Hello Hello. What do you want? Dust. I want a little dust. This is a wrestlers’ arena; you don’t get dust here. I want the dust of your feet. You’re the epitome of strength. I want to be at your feet. If you want to build your body, discard your clothes. You’ll have to pay me my fees. No, papaji, I don’t want to train under you Game I saw your strength and asked for the dust of your feet. Look at me; I’m so useless. Neither can I save myself nor my family. What happened? Who’s troubling you? There are a few men down the street Game who trouble my sisterinlaw everyday. I mean, I can’t come freely to my wouldbe sisterinlaw’s house. Jeetu, I’ll be back soon. Come, let’s see who’s troubling you. I’ll Game Yes, please come. Papaji, there they are. Let me go first. When they come to hit me, you arrive. Papa, please come soon or they’ll make a pulp out of me. Are you scared of them? Go now. Shall I Game Yes, go on. Here he comes again. Hey mister Game whom have you come to fight with Game With us, or your Juliet? First let us rehearse Game you’ll find it easier later. Yes, let us. Papaji! You swine! You tease his sister. Go, run Game Wait. What’s this called? A drain pipe pant. What does it mean? It means a dirty drain. Next time I see you wearing it, I’ll throw you in the dirty drain. Papaji, you’re great. You are truly like Bhaimsain. God bless you Ghatodkach. God, let Anand get well. I beg of you. Suman. What happened? You’re sitting here talking to God and I’m looking for you. Have these sweets. Sweets, what for? Come here, sit down. My Babumushai has been cured. What happened to him? A dreadful disease. Be thankful, I noticed the symptoms and searched for the medicine.

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