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Ice Mammoth Adventure

Ice Mammoth Adventure


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Ice Mammoth Adventure Description

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Don’t step on that! Can’t you see the ground? Everything will be ruined! Get away from here! Don’t step on it! Hello, ma’am. Oh, it’s you. Han, how have you been? Take her away, or she’ll step on everything! You can’t go this way. Do you not understand what I am saying? I’ll be off. Good bye. You’re Hye-ji, right? Do you know me? Everyone in this town knows you. I’m Han. Stop bothering me and go your way. Want a ride home? What’s that sound? The divers are gasping for air. Your grandmother will be there, too. Gasping for air? Yeah. They hold their breath for a really long time. We’d probably die. Why won’t this open? I’m taking a bath. I know, but… Why won’t this door open? I’m taking a bath! I know, I’m not deaf! Is the door broken? I locked the door. Why did you do that? Open it so I can get the dishes. Hold on. You don’t need to lock the door when you bathe. You’re all grown up, huh? We have a new student. Introduce yourself. I haven’t been to school in a while. Don’t give me any trouble. I’ll take any empty seat.

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