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I’m Learning Of Mathematics

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  • I’m Learning Of Mathematics

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    Jonathan? Hello, Lt. Parker. Hold on. It’s your father. Don. Don, is the family all right? Jonathan? Okay, I’m gonna need another ambulance here. It’s gonna be okay. You don’t wanna go in there. I mean it. Jonathan, hold off. Don’t. Just listen to your dad. Bobby? Hey, guys, come on, let’s go. Let’s make this snappy. Sally and Mum? They’re all gone. I tried to tell you, there’s nothing you can do here. Hey, get that reporter out of there. Get her out. Come on, we got a gurney coming in. Donnie, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. She was the best. Lt. Parker? I knew this was gonna happen. Lt. Parker, with the killer now murdering your own family, will this intensify Game Game phantomlike devastator of families struck again late last night. This time, killing the wife and two foster children Game of the detective leading the search for the killer. Local college football star Jonathan Parker, seen here Game was also a foster child raised by the couple. After being found beaten and near death when he was just years old. Well, for a while this rainy afternoon, the city took time to mourn its latest loss Game as the close friends of Lt. Donald Parker and Jonathan Parker Game gathered with them to lay their loved ones to rest. As yet, Parker and his police have still not so much as identified the killer Game who has claimed seven families to date. Almost souls. And left an entire city afraid to sleep. Who is this man? What motivates him? And more importantly Game Oh, God! Change the channel. Can’t go anywhere without hearing about the son of a bitch. Hi, Jonathan. What’ll you have? Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. I’ll have a Coke, please. I guess you’re wondering why I called you? Yeah, I guess I am. I dreamt of the murders, Don. Just the way they happened. Things like this happen, people get bad dreams. I’ve had a few of my own lately. Don, no, I dreamt of it the night it happened. Before you called me. I saw what happened in the house. You don’t know what happened in that house.

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