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In The Big Balance Time

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  • In The Big Balance Time

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    ─ Here I am, Betsy. Zekial is detaining me. Betsy. ─ Amiable. I’m afraid I’m late, darling. You’ve got too much to do. That’s what’s the matter. Is the foreign mail in? Yes. But there is no news of sister. No news is good news. Well .. how did the conference go off? A grand success. Why, I am so glad. Yes. Everybody talked and nobody said anything. Nothing was done and everybody was pleased with themselves. Oh, Alexander. A great deal of mud was thrown at me .. but only one stone. And I dodged everything. What do you mean? Not really a stone? Well, it might have been a brick. You see, when things are flung at the Assumption Bill .. They have to hit me first. Oh .. then we had music. Music? ─ Yes. Jefferson sang to us. Sang? Well .. he didn’t exactly sing. But he made fine oratorical speeches. And he listened to the music of his voice. How long is this going to last? When am I really going to see something of you in our own home? Very soon dear, I hope. Just as soon as I can get those thirteen States to hang together.

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