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Jewel Puzzle Colors 2

Jewel Puzzle Colors 2


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Jewel Puzzle Colors 2 Description

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Jewel Puzzle Colors 2 But Game Its all a game, Lander. Listen. Pathfinders chairman and finance manager will be here tomorrow, and Id like you to meet them. Youre going to listen politely to them, then you will explain why you are no longer interested and wish them good luck. But I would not seem serious. No. They will see you as ambitious, as someone who knows his own worth. Lander Game This is your opportunity. Opportunity? Let me build your reputation and I promise you a position which quintuples your income within two years. Within two years? Within two years. How can you promise this? Because I have never given a client a recommendation he hasnt followed. Never? Never. But how? The answer starts with an R. Reputation? My entire career is based on it. Hi. Yes? I set you up for the interview with Jeremias Lander and Pathfinder tomorrow at oclock. The information is in the file. Great. But listen, your wife is opening her gallery this weekend, and I wondered Game could I attend? Are you invited? Exactly my question! Am I? Are you? I got an invoice of , for redecoration in Kasper Hansen Street. Yes, thats correct. Well, whats that about? I helped Diana with some expenses. She opens her own gallery on Friday. You have to start cutting down on your expenses, Roger. You may go bankrupt at any time. Im working on it, Frode. Im working on it. As your accountant, its my duty to inform you about the seriousness of the situation. You have overdrawn your account by several hundred thousands for dinners Game Theres a call coming in here. Ill call you later. We have a candidate. Jeremias Lander, lives at Skøyen. Okay. Got him. When? He has a meeting at Alfa tomorrow at . It will last one hour. Nobody home? No dog, no maid, wife works downtown. See you in minutes. The fence in Gothenburg demanded %. Ove Kjikerud charged % to disconnect alarms, fetch the art in my garage, and bring it to Sweden by car. To get him employed at Tripolis was one of my smartest moves. I myself was left with ,. ,. Not even enough for my next quarterly payment on my house. Something had to be done.

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