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Jewel Puzzle Colors Adventure

Jewel Puzzle Colors Adventure


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Jewel Puzzle Colors Adventure Description

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That sounds like a cult. It’s not a cult. That’s what a cultist would say. Oh, no. Wait. Stephen, wait. What do you think you’re doing? I’m late for a cult meeting. This is insane. Yeah. Where are you going? Can you tell me the truth? A powerful sorcerer, who gave himself over to an ancient entity, can bend the very laws of physics, tried very hard to kill me. But I left him chained up in Greenwich Village and the quickest way back there is through a dimensional gateway that I opened up in the mop closet. Okay. Don’t tell me. Fine. Really do have to go. Yeah. Strange! You’re okay. A relative term. But yeah, I’m okay. The Cloak of Levitation. It came to you. No minor feat. It’s a fickle thing. He’s escaped. Kaecilius? Yeah. He can fold space and matter at will. He folds matter outside the Mirror Dimension, in the real world? Yeah. How many more? Two. I stranded one in the desert. And the other? His body’s in the hall. Master Drumm is in the foyer. He’s been taken back to Kamar-Taj. The London Sanctum has fallen.

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