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Jones animal savior

Jones animal savior


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Jones animal savior Description

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Jones animal savior The guy you killed two nights ago. I didn’t kill nobody. Game You know a man named Erich Blunt? Game No. Did Erich Blunt pay you to kill Kevin Neyers? Only one’s ever paid me to kill a man was the United States army. So, I’m just curious. Um, after you shot him, why on Earth Game Molk? That wasn’t very smart. ‘Cause you got the wrong man, you understand? I didn’t shoot nobody. All right. What have we got? Battery on a person, resisting an officer, four duis. Burglary, kidnapping, first degree robbery. Says here you blew up an A.T.M. Mmm. Domestic violence. You put your father in the I.C.U. Assault with a deadly weapon. You beat a woman with a crowbar outside of a Pete’s coffee shop. She started it. Look, we’re going to charge you for the full ride. Murder one, distribution, felony possession, resisting arrest. We have two eyewitnesses placing you at the scene at the time of death. Six additional witnesses willing to testify that they’ve seen you dealing drugs at the tenement directly to Kevin Neyers. We’ve got your prints at the scene. And the Fentanyl pops, which were found on your person at the time of arrest, which match the batch of the prescription found in Kevin’s apartment. So, no matter what you say, jury’s going to take one look at you, that ugly mug and the tattoos and the scars and, they’re going to have a coffee and a doughnut in the jury room, and then they’re going to send your ass to San Quentin for the rest of your life. I want a lawyer. Suit yourself. Hey? First Game Let me smell you, sweet thing. Come close. Terry! What the hell was that, huh? What was that? He needed to learn some manners. You need to go home, okay? You need to go home. And you need to be with your wife. I don’t want to see you again until you’re under control, all right? We had a good time, Bear. Bear? You haven’t called me that in years. I was just thinking about your th birthday. Yeah. Roller coasters. There was that one that we just kept riding over and over again? Um Game The inferno. Oh. You were scared. I’d never seen you scared before.

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