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Keep An Eye puzzle

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  • Keep An Eye puzzle

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    Keep An Eye puzzle resurrects the dead and cures all illnesses. No! No! Don’t say that name. Don’t speak of Christ. I fear Christ. I fear Christ. Save me, Madalena, save me! In the year On April Getúlio Dorneles Vargas was born He would later become the ruler Of our Brazil He was elected to congress To protect our country He came here during The revolution of To replace Washington Luiz And ever since He’s been our most popular president Always in touch with the people Tirelessly building a new Brazil As Volta Redonda, The city of steel The great Siderúrgica Nacional Proves to us The day the great Italian poet Pasolini was murdered I thought of making a film about the life of Christ in the Third World Pasolini filmed the life of Christ just as John XXlll was overcoming the ideological paralysis of the Catholic Church with regard to the problems of the underdeveloped peoples of the Third World and the European working class It was the rebirth the resurrection of a Christ who was not adored on the Cross but a Christ who was revered revolutionary and experienced in the ecstasy of resurrection Over Pasolini’s dead body I saw of Christ as a new, primitive phenomenon in a very primitive very new civilization Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty million years Science, physics, archeology and anthropology all the sciences that materialize desire language itself is lost Portuguese cannot adequately express our knowledge of a past devoid of memory Five hundred years of white, Portuguese European civilization mixed with Indians and blacks And millennia immeasurable by mathematical time or folly we don’t know where they came from not even the nebula of chaos of nothingness In other words: God or nothing If you don’t believe in God, you believe in nothingness If nothingness is God then History is very swift fantastically swift A lysergic despair undefinable by any Word that might define the meaning of the pyramid Here in Brasília, for instance, on this fantastic stage at the heart of the Brazilian plains the radiant source, the light of the Third World Games

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