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King is in a difficult situation Time

King is in a difficult situation Time


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King is in a difficult situation Time Description

King is in a difficult situation Time, King is in a difficult situation Time Games, Play King is in a difficult situation Time Games

you’ll see how strong. I can’t wait for you to meet the new and improved Rebecca. The question is Games do you have it in you to kill her? My army of the dead will change Games the world for the better. It will correct the imbalance caused by recent wars. If you stay alive long enough Games you can watch with me as my B.O.W.s bring down the most powerful nations Games one by one. You belong in a nuthouse, asshole. Unfortunately, I’m not crazy. I want revenge. GRUNTING I’m hitting the reset button on the world. And my merchandise, my B.O. W.s Games are the right tool for the job. GROANING Leon. Sorry I’m late. I had to take the stairs. ELEVATOR BELL DINGS SNARLING SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE Maybe this is what I’ve always wanted. A world in flames Games where only the dead remain. Rebecca’s running out of time. Then let’s split up. DOCTOR YELLING REBECCA GROANING CHRIS: Rebecca. CREATURE SNARLING Aw Games GROANING METALLIC CLANG SCREAMING You okay? Chris. No, no, no. Wait, wait. Where’s the vaccine? Tell me! GUNSHOTS THEN REBECCA SHRIEKS ARIAS: You just had to try to save her. You’re so predictable, Chris. That’s your weakness. GUN CLICKS . BOTH GRUNTING NECK CRACKS YELLS SCREAMING Rebecca. GASPING You have to kill me. No. We’ll find the vaccine. Just hang on a little longer. GROANING FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Diego Games the final stage. Unleash it. GRUNTS GROWLING GRUNTING ROARING HEAVY FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING Redfield. GROANING ELEVATOR BELL DINGS PANTING GASPING Found you. GROANING I’m going to spill your guts all over. DIEGO LAUGHING Nadia! GROANING Diego! . SCREAMS LAUGHING ENGINE REVVING Catch. SCREAMS Bye-bye, asshole. SCREAMS REBECCA GASPING BEEPING Rebecca? One more thing left to do. So let’s do it. GRUNTING LEON: When I was a kid Games I never thought my life would turn out this way. REBECCA: And once again, we find ourselves back where we started. What do you mean? We got the bad guys. Hope we made the world a little safer. LEON: Hey, Chris. Yeah? And there will be two

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