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King is in a difficult situation

King is in a difficult situation


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King is in a difficult situation Description

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King is in a difficult situation Because I’m doing that quite a bit Game I’m able to catch awkwardness in the movements Game and tell the difference between what looks awkward Game and what looks natural in the animation. If I think it looks awkward, I can fix it. If I don’t see anything unnatural Game I can determine that it looks okay. There are a limited number of human characters in this movie. Actually that was my intention from the beginning. Because the characters Game and the worldview had to look as close as possible to reality Game we wanted to spend a lot of time with each character. It was our strategy to limit the number Game of the characters with human facial expressions. In other words Game we wanted Deunan and lris to look perfect. The storytelling comes with a lot of emotions Game so we wanted to capture the details of Deunan’s and Iris’ facial expressions. We also wanted to be able to edit Game their facial expressions precisely later on too. We had the facial animation supervisor, Moriya Game who oversaw everything from the rigs to the facial expressions. I told him Game ”This is very important, so do your best Game I’m counting on you.” We captured the facial expressions Game and the body movements separately for this movie. The benefit of doing so Game was that we were able to focus solely on the actors’ facial expressions. I was able to tell the actors exactly Game what I wanted at the production site. You notice the actors’ habits when they’re performing. For example, some people blink a lot Game or open their eyes really wide when they talk Game or always have their mouth half open or talk fast Game or move their lips awkwardly just like how l’m talking now Game because l’m nervous. I get to look at their faces very closely Game so I can learn their habits during filming Game which is one of the benefits. But on the other hand, the negative is that Game you can’t see their facial movements along with body movements. When you look at something or away from something Game your body also moves, synching with your facial movements Game

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