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Kingdom Of War 3

Kingdom Of War 3


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Kingdom Of War 3 Description

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Kingdom Of War 3 Careful, keep them level. Maxime, mind the car! I’ll gel the addresses from Juliette. No. Why not try? I’m sure it could work. There If Mum loses herjob, will she get sick again? She’s not going to lose it. Tell her we’re eating. I’ll bring the last one. Mum, we’re eating! It’s really hot. I’ll cut it for you. Hold on Bu! Mum answer you’? No . Stan eating, I’ll fetch her. Going to bed already? Yes. It’s only o’clock. I’m beat. At least eat with us. No, I’m too beat. You’re letting yourself go. React instead. That’s easy to say. No one but Juliette and Robert thought about me. As if I didn’t exist But they’re right. I don’t exist. I’m nothing. Nothing at all! You exist, Sandra. I love you. You exist for them too. They hesitated before voting for the bonus. See them one by one this weekend. You hear me? I’ll see them Monday. It’s the same thing. No, you won’t be able to talk to each one individually. Tell them you want your job, you need your salary, to be with them, not alone on the dole. I’ll look like a beggar. You won’t. Coming to eat? Just a second! It’s not your fault they lose a bonus if you stay. Your boss decided that, not you. I can’t hear, Juliette. Julien Lemmens, VillersleTemple. She doesn’t know what street. I’ll check the phone book. Atarhouch, Hicham. Rue de I’Echelle, number . Well done. See if you can find Julien Lemmens in VillersleTemple. With two m’s. That could help her out. She can ask Robert to drive you tomorrow. I’ll take the bus. Two or three live close by. She’ll take the bus to see those near here. Yes, midday at the restaurant, then I’ll drive her. Yes, I’ll put heron. Thanks. She wants to talk to you. I’ll fetch the coffee. We’ll see. Take care. Can we go with you before we eat at Lunch Garden? It’s best if Mum’s alone to talk to her colleagues. I’ll take you to Nonna’s. She’ll bring you to the restaurant. It’s Robert. Hello, yes. You think Ok, I’ll note that. Thanks. Goodbye. He says he saw Kader. Wait a second Kadefs on the crew but won’t be at home this weekend. He told Robert I could

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