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Large and small

Large and small


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Large and small Description

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Large and small Thanks, Pops. Make yourself useful and bring over a piece of that dacite. What are you making? Same old, same old. Making blades. Yeah? Let me see. Here you go. So where you been? Up in the Sierras mostly. How you taking care of yourself? Find a couple odd jobs. Helps me get by. You know, you look like shit, boy. Yeah, feel like shit, Dad. Well, go in and get yourself cleaned up. Go get yourself something to eat. Yeah. Have the feds been here? Not since the funeral. How was the ceremony? Good. She was loved by many. Have you seen your sister? No. I haven’t seen her or Irish. I told you what would happen. Yes, you did. And we tried it your way and look where it got us. And look at what your actions got you. I couldn’t let him walk free. You’re not the law. No, I’m not. But when justice isn’t served, then what, Dad? And your justice, what has it given you? When they catch you, it’ll be life. I’m here for Mom’s ashes. I want to take her back to where her life began. I want to take her so she can start her journey. That’s why I’m here. Her ashes are with your sister. Son, come with me to honor her. Yeah. Well, first up, I guess, in turning over six months of my hard work, take you up here to the site of the murder. Take you through it as best I can. Here it is on the left. Shithole Street. This is where it all went down. Well, this is where is happened. Chuck Grigsby’s last stand. He lived in this palace here. Wolf got all done up in the war paint. Found red and black everywhere. That’s the Mojave’s colors. Then Wolf had that dacite club knife thing that he’d made. Beat the scalp right off of him there in the house. Charlie goes boogeying through here, blood all in his face. Wolf caught up to him, beat every bone in that guy’s body from his toes to his sternum. Turned the guy into a maraca. What a fucking way to go. Too good for him. Piece of shit deserved it. Anyway, he Game Hello? Son of a bitch. Standing around like a fucking idiot talking to myself. Whiskey Whiskey fucking me over Thank God it’s all in my head Always got me backwards

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