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Lock find

Lock find


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Lock find I’m not. I said you’re crazy. Why did you remove the flower from my hair. I’ll preserve it in my poetry book. Why? As a poetry reminds us of yesteryears Game In the same manner this flower will be my poetry. I told you you’re crazy. I am and I’m crazy about you. Sometimes I feel that if I envelop you in my arms Game you will melt and become one with me. You’ll remain in my arms forever. When I breathe, I should hear your breath within me Game and you’ll call me by my name Anand Game Anand Game Who is she? Who? This girl. She’s my Bengali girl friend. You’re smart. You asked your brother to tell you everything Game and hid your own matters. Who is she. What’s her name? What will you do by knowing it. Where does she live? In Delhi. But where in Delhi? In here husband’s house. Oh, so she’s married. No she was not when we met. He’s a nice man, her husband. He loves her very much. She’ll be happy. If she’d married me, she’d be dead. Do you know we used to find very little time to meet each other. That’s why I used to tape her voice on the sly when we met. And after she left I would hear it all over again and again. When did she get married? Three months and seven days ago. When did you come from Delhô I Game Exactly three months and seven days ago. Forget it. Why go into these details now? Look, what I’ve got for you. Did you like it? Shall I tell you something. Wear it when I’m still alive. Hey Babumushai, what are you doing here all alone? Oh! you’re thinking of her. Love is such. You fall in love and love troubles you Game Anand, leave me alone for sometime. If I leave you alone now, there’ll be problems. Let’s go to the other room and record your voice. Anand, please go to your room. I will, but I’ll take you along. I told you I want to be alone. And I don’t want you to be alone. Anand, why are you after me? Why do you expect me to do all that you tell me to. You laugh and expect me to laugh Game I’m sorry, Babumushai. Anand don’t feel hurt. You know I Game Babumushai, how many times will you remind me

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