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Lost Treasury

Lost Treasury


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Lost Treasury Description

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Lost Treasury Murarilal on this pretext Game Shake hands, I’m glad to meet you. Aren’t you Game Yes. Don’t forget me. Go now. Anand, you should have seen whether he was Murarilal or not. I don’t know anyone by the name of Murarilal Game So what? I felt like meeting him and I met him. Do you ever feel that you don’t know a person Game who has helped you and yet you never liked him? Yes. At times you may meet a person who has never helped you Game but yet you like him. Yes, but why? Yes, tell me why. Because he Game I’ll tell you. Every human body is a transmitter and a receiver. There was a vibration from Jagdish’s body and I received it. It’s a great theory, Babumushai Game If you do research, you’ll win a Noble prize. What’s this craziness. Babumushai, you call this crazy. You meet a man, make friends and touch him Game What else do you need? Look Game there’s one more Murarilal. Where are you going? Stand here. Babumushai, Murarilal Game Sir, please buy flowers for your wife. Babumushai, shall I buy them for my sisterinlaw. Yes, let us. Give me two, but they should be fragrant. I get them from the gardens, sir. What, garlands. No, flowers. Say that. If I hadn’t bought these flowers, you’d never tell me. Tell me who is she? Where does she live? Whom are you talking about? I thought it was for Suman. Don’t avoid it. Tell me where does she live and who is she? Whom are you talking about? The girl with whom you have your continuity Game Continuity! What continuity? In Hindi, it’s Love and in Bengali too. Ladies and Gentleman. There are young men who Game know nothing about love. Anand! What are you doing?! Then tell me. There’s nothing to reveal. Lies again. Ladies and Gentleman Game You’re blackmailing me. Black or white. You’ll have to tell me. What should I tell? Who is she? There must be someone who makes your heart beat. Babumushai, you’re eyes reveal that there is someone. Babumushai, tell me please. You know that I Game She was my patient and was suffering from pneumonia Game While giving her treatment I Game I understand.

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