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Love Stories Adventure

Love Stories Adventure


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Love Stories Adventure Description

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She began to blossom shortly after. I swear to you. I’ve seen it. Butterflies, moths, all insects. They were attracted to him as to light. Like Dianne. Like Dianne. But … it’s not about crawling creatures. It’s about … this overwhelming empathy. This … vulnerability. Don’t you see what happens to such people? I was always afraid for him. And then? What happened? And then … Then I became pregnant. Suddenly, I also became afraid … for you both. And then I realized, I wouldn’t make it with him. Never. So I just ran away. I thought, when I went away … And? I didn’t … I did not taken into account my bad conscience and … … that it hurts so much. Why didn’t you ever tell us about it? Because it was easier that way. What? To not talk about it. Oh Phil. If there always was a simple answer to everything. I wish, that your dreams come true. But be careful and don’t expect too much of it. And don’t be sad … Mum? Yes? What’s our father’s name? I thought we didn’t want to go there? Take care of yourself. Guys, I will start crying in a moment. Phil! That’s still me. And that’s still my family. I probably will miss them. Every day. Even … Glass’s food. For now, I don’t live here anymore. And the little people and their little lives don’t matter to me right now. Life is insanely complicated here. But one thing, I now know very well. My center of the world, is where they are. If I can find him? No idea. Maybe he really is a sailor at sea, or a cowboy, a drop-out hippie, a transvestite, an inmate, or sells weapons to desperate housewives. What do I know. The answer is no longer essential. Start without me, and if I’m not there in ten minutes, just keep going. You know, in China, the eldest son doesn’t have to lift a finger. Cool. You should go there right now. Donations for your plane ticket. [chuckle] Oh, there’s even one of the new Bicentennial quarters. Lucky Andrew. Ha ha ha ha ha! That was hilarious. Well, this is a collector’s item, so the joke’s on you. Ooh. Is this new? I like it. Mom designed them exclusively for her store. She says every successful shop must have a signature item to get people in the door. Mom’s store has become the talk of Haight Asbury. I’m definitely buying one with my new Chinese New Year’s money. Oh. I almost forgot. We got our official invite to the… drum roll, please… Ling New Year’s Eve dinner. And? The Albrights will be attending… Mother, Tracy, and myself. Thanks! [giggling] Thanks for inviting us. We haven’t done anything as a family in a while. So today, Washington Square Park or listen to records in my room? I got to clean the house. Oh. Uh, I’ll help. It’ll be fun. Another airline pilot got sick. Dad’s covering a quick flight to L.A., so no one’s home anyway. Groovy. Let’s go. Hi, Mrs. L. Hi, Mr. L. Hi, Julie. Oh! Hi, Missy. Welcome to the Ling spring cleaning in January. How are you? How’s Tracy? Uh, we’re both fine, I guess. Everyone’s just getting used to the divorce and everything. It’s weird living in two houses. Adjusting to change always takes time huh? Let us know if you need anything.

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