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Love Stories


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Love Stories Description

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Love Stories We made great technological leaps. We wanted a new challenge. So we focused on doing Appleseed Game but in a new way. That’s how we decided. Personally, it was the first film I worked on Game so it has a special significance for me. I wanted to give it new life. That was my main motivation behind this project. Well, at that point, I thought Game it would also be important to call on my other friend in Japan. His name is Eiichi Kamagata Game and he’s head of a company called Lucent Pictures. And I wanted to bring him on board, just because, you know, we’re Game Sola Studio is a CG animation production. But in order to really provide production companies service Game Because we’re dealing with a Japanese property. We’re dealing with a Japanese licensor. So we really needed someone on the ground Game who would oversee these issues and Japanese distribution and whatnot Game who specialises in that market. And Tony brought in, obviously, the international distribution Game and Sony expertise Game in trying to craft this film’s distribution or marketing strategy. I thought we were all a natural fit. Mr. lshizuka contacted us Game with the idea of doing another film. Mr. lshizuka is based in Los Angeles, so Game it was tricky to coordinate. From onwards Game we have been in constant contact Game regarding this new project. We acted as producers based in Japan Game to get this project off the ground. So we formed this great team with Game Co-production team with everyone. Now, the only thing left Game was to go back to the creators about making this. And we went to see, in Osaka, the creators Game so that we can discuss and do something. It took quite a while to really make this happen. But then finally they agreed, since Aramaki was directing it Game and it was gonna be a great sort of rendition of a new franchise. When Aramaki and I were first discussing the idea for the new film Game I mean, we obviously wanted this to be a reboot. A fresh start for the franchise. So when thinking about that, we were wondering: What kind of story do we want to tell?

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