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Lucky Builder Adventure

Lucky Builder Adventure


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Lucky Builder Adventure Description

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Beeman. You’re in’ dead, Beeman! You’re havin’ bad luck with keys tonight. in’ dead, Beeman! Beeman! Beeman! I swear to LEVI CHUCKLES How’d you even do that? Those are good. LEVI LAUGHS Sugar snaps. Yes. LAUGHS I knew you’d like it. Just don’t tell my dad, okay? It’s our secret. Why’d you rob that bank anyway? Same reason anybody does. GAME CONTROL CLATTERS Money. I figured my cut’d be enough to cover Mabel’s medical care. ‘Til I could put a ring on Adele’s finger, Mabel’s all the family she’s got. She matters to Adele, she matters to me. So, what went wrong with the robbery? SOFT CHUCKLE It was wrong from the start. Should’ve known I was there only to take the fall. They told me all’s I had to do was crawl through that tunnel they dug and fill the bag. Everything else was already square. The alarm, security camera, loot itself. See, there’s this armored truck rolls through town every other Thursday carryin’ over $ million. Feedin’ the town, two weeks at a time. Been that way years. So you got caught?

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