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Marine operations

Marine operations


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Marine operations Description

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Marine operations Thanks to his evidence, we busted fifty guys, worse than him, I’m really sorry about your wife, sir, I didn’t know, What’s that? Easy, man! You’ve got some balls, Marcin, Blacha, Let go, Why did you do it? It wasrt me, Hello, honey, Everything all right? Good interview, Great reporter, Very good, Take care of yourselves, Kasia? Okay, let me speak to her, Or, Mira, no, I don’t want, I can’t speak to her now, Bye, Then in the hotel, with your professor, Ferrari, we were drinking, My wife, Marta called and, she said, we’re going to have a baby, We’d been trying to have it, for few years then, Iwona, forget it if you can and forgive me, I will not forget it, And there’s nothing to forgive, You saved my life, Marcin, What I told you there, it was the truth, Will you finish this film with me? Of course, I’ll do, This one and the next ones too, if you want Well now, ain’t you gonna come inside? We saw all three of them go in there. Why didn’t you tell me about this before? Everybody’s already here. Can you hear me? Come on out! You’re not in trouble, honey. Come on home! Can you hear me? What if he drowned in it, Terry? Have y’all got anybody out there looking for my boy? Three boys missing? I’m aware of that. We’ve been looking around in the dark and there’s all sorts of people out there. There’s neighbors, there’s kids, there’s people I don’t even know… Yes, listen… But I ain’t seen one, but one… Ma’am, listen… One police officer out there all night long. Listen. We are doing everything we can. Now, I appreciate your concern. I got two boys myself. Sometimes boys, they like to run off and get into things. My son is eight years old! He sleeps with a nightlight on! He did not run away from home. Ma’am, you need to calm down. I’ll calm down when you find my son. We’re in front of the school where three kids are still missing.

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