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Mario Gold escape 2

Mario Gold escape 2


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Mario Gold escape 2 Description

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Mario Gold escape 2 What can I say? Renu will decide about it. Times have changed Game Girls no longer agree comely to their parents and marry. These days unless a boy and girl meet each other Game I understand. The girl and boy have already met Game and I’ve seen them looking at each other. That’s why I’ve come to you. Raghu Kaka and I have approved the girl. If you want to meet the boy, you can do so. He’s a doctor and when Bhabi Game I mean the girl suffered from pneumonia he treated her. Who Bhaskar? Yes, he’s my brother. Is it true? I am so fortunate. Bhaskar is a gem of a person. Renu keeps on praising him. That’s it. It’s fixed then. Sorry, mummy. I mean you must have understood by now. I do. If they have agreed, it’s good. But Game because you’re his brother I’ve have to tell you Game I don’t have anything to give to my daughter in marriage. Why’re you worried about it? What do you think the groom can give Game aspirin or penicillin? So the alliance is finalized. Everything is ready. Get me the horoscope. We’ll finalize the date in a week. But we can’t do anything for three months. Three months. Why? Renu’s father expired nine months ago and so Game Then it’s difficult. I won’t be able to attend the marriage. Why? Are you going somewhere? Yes, I’ll be leaving after one and a half months. Where are you going? Far away. Can’t you come back for the wedding. No, it’s difficult and there’s a lot of rush. We don’t get a return ticket from there. But you can start preparing for the wedding. I’ll be leaving now. I have a lot of work to do. Have some sweet. No, I don’t want to. I’ll be back after two days and you’ll have treat me to lunch. You will, won’t you? You got this proposal for Renu, I’m so glad Game but at the same time I feel frightened. I have only one daughter. How will I survive alone? But now I feel my daughter’s a stranger Game and you’re my son. I hope God gives you a long life. Hey, you disrupted our queue and went away. Couldn’t help it. It was an emergency. We’ll have to teach him a lesson along with the tall one.

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