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Matches of Mathematics

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  • Matches of Mathematics

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    PLAYED : 1971

    Matches of Mathematics Description

    How to Play: the Matches where you can play with changing the intelligence and is perfect for the development of a math game. The left side matches the given in the form of a single match and move to the right side of the picture. In this way try to match the number.
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    I know that he has been accused of murder. As a psychologist, I can only say that I consider it extremely unlikely that he could commit such a crime. So Game you think you can tell a murderer just by looking at him? Yes. I protest! You say it is extremely unlikely he could commit such a crime Game but not impossible. No Game not impossible. And you say he had a violent temper? I certainly would. And when he loses this violent temper, would you consider him capable of murder? Yes. You must not put words into the witness’s mouth. Then I shall re Games phrase the question. What sort of a man would you say that is? A murderer. Thank you. That is my case. Do you still refuse to tell us where you were at that time? You realize you are leaving me no alternative but to assume that you were at the scene of the crime! Very well. The jury will retire. Guilty. You will be guillotined at dawn tomorrow. Can’t you get it into your head? This is our chance! We might have to wait years for such an opportunity! And here it is right on our very doorstep! Games Why do you hesitate?! Games But is it right? Right?! What has right got to do with it?! That boy is doomed! By this time tomorrow he’ll be dead! Guillotined, and the pieces buried! Oh, it will be so terrible Game What do we do? Take his soul and preserve it Game up there Game in my apparatus. I want you to see that his body is here not later than one hour after his execution. One hour! You understand? How do I get them to give me his body? You persuade one of his jailors to lend it to you for medical purposes. Games I can ask him. Games Ask him?! Don’t ask! Demand! You’ve been the doctor here for the last years, haven’t you? You must know something about everyone in the village. Use that knowledge. I’m sure they’ve all got something they want to hide. When you have his soul Game what then? Games I transfer it to another body. Games Body? Whose body? Bodies are easy to come by. Souls are not. See you don’t let me down. Games Aughtn’t you to ask his permission?

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