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    Is it something like Kaballah? That is a little bit different because it has alchemy in it. So what do these all mean? They are forprotection. If jinns are this cleverand dangerous creatures Game Why are they afraid of these simple letters? Because Game These letters you call simple have devestating results forthem. How so? Just like a small virus killing a big animal. But we know the certainty of a virus. We know how it affects organisms. Ms. . Jinns are cretures made from the posion of heat, light and fire. So they are on the electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency. Because these charms differently reflect light with various combinations Game It is not so unbeliavable that they have an effect on jinns since light is an electromagnetic wave. It seems you like using scientifıc terms. Ms. , some of these patients should only be cured by doctors. I accpet that. Games Good. But there are some cases that you cannot cure. Only we can cure them. Still, you have no evidence. What kind of evidance do you want? If jinns are creatures that can talk and eat as you say Game We need to have some sort of concrete evidence, right? Ms. , does science accept the existance of dreams? Games Of course. So, is there any concrete evidence regarding dreams? No. So, you’re saying Game But dreams have been accpeted by everyone so they are not debatable. However, only some people and religons accept the existance of jinns. That is two different things. Jinn means the thing that hides in the dark. Yes, it is diffiıcult to see and touch it but easy to feel it. Such so that the chill you will feel around it. Is like nothing else. Games Fear is not evidence Mr. Faruk. Psychiatry is based on this fact. We won’t see eye to eye unless there is concrete evidence. WiıII we do that even if there is concrete evidence doctor. You tell me. We’ll see. Look, this is alchemy. It used to be science and now you call it witchcraft. Faruk, son, you should eat something first. No thank, I’m not hungry

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