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Mejor Anna’s Thrilling

Mejor Anna’s Thrilling


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Mejor Anna’s Thrilling Description

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Other than rumors, you have nothing. The inmate will be transferred to Fleury-Mérogis before her appeal. I don’t give a damn. Major. Your record is excellent. Don’t ruin everything. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy. Thank you, sweetie. What’s this about? It doesn’t make you happy? And you? What about me? You’re today, not me. I highlighted ads for you. You want me to change jobs too? No. I want you to move. I can’t go on pretending. Either things change or you can pack your bags. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Jean! Hello? It’s us, we’re downstairs. Oh , I completely forgot. You’re kidding, right? No, I’m sorry, I I can’t today. What do you mean? I have something super important to do. Come on, Jean! Once a week isn’t much to ask. I’ll make it up, I promise. I’m sorry. What’s going on? It’s coming from the roof! Did you like my surprise? Yeah, you’re nuts. What got into you? It’s because you can’t come tomorrow? It’s wiser not to. Did they hassle you again? No, but It’s better to be discreet.

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