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Mejor Willy Adventure

Mejor Willy Adventure


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Mejor Willy Adventure Description

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Your dad was a mechanic and you run a prison. You have a wife and daughter who love you. That’s not enough? What more do you need? Some young girl to make you feel strong? Is that your work of art? You’re pathetic. I’m ready. Louise, wait for your father in the hallway. Wake up, please. Wake up. I won’t wait for you forever. Let’s go, sweetie. Take your schoolbag. Who is this? Is Jean there? No, Jean is taking his daughter to school. Who’s calling? Haven’t you done enough damage? Life would be better without me? Yes, much better. For everyone, including yourself. What’ll you do? I don’t know. You should go see someone. You have to tell them. Trust me. Go to the infirmary. Why don’t you want to? Are you doing this to protect him? He could lose everything. What about you? You have nothing to lose? I can’t do it to him. He has a career, a family. He could’ve thought of that before. It’s not his fault. Then whose fault is it? You didn’t get pregnant alone. Where is he now to sort things out? He doesn’t even know.

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