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Monkey Go Happy Candy Home Adventure

Monkey Go Happy Candy Home Adventure


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PLAYED : 1979

Monkey Go Happy Candy Home Adventure Description

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in that fire, too. My mother was in Lanyard’s so-called film cult. We were sitting in the front row when your aunt Suzanne shot Lanyard and set fire to the theater. You, luckily, got out. We, unluckily, did not. My mother died. I lost most of the flesh on my body. I’m sorry. Oh, are you? Well, that makes it all right, then! Here, I’ll just let you go. You’re sorry? Look at me! This is your work! Don’t like it, huh? You don’t have to look! Don’t look! Don’t look at me! I was a child, too, Toby! You were a child? Good. I was a child. We were all children. Nobody was a child like me. Nobody. Shall I describe the… The years of surgery I went through, huh? The skin grafts, the prosthetic pieces. I had to glue on my face all through school every day of my life so the other kids wouldn’t scream. Nobody saw me coming, huh? Here, I’ll show you how it works. Now, the first thing we do is we cover up these fried egg eyes with contact lenses. Lovely. Toby. Ah. Now a new nose. There. Please stop. Then we prepare a face to meet the faces that we meet. A lovely chin. Yeah. It’s my scarecrow in oz face. Cute, huh? You’re crazy. What, this just dawned on you? That’s great. And I’m the one who’s crazy. Can’t say I’ve lost my sense of humor, can you? Toby. What are you gonna do? Mm, here’s my plan. I’ve thought it out with geometric logic. I’m going to recreate that showing of “Possessor” only this time, it’s going exactly as planned. And maybe that way, things will be different. Maybe, then my mother won’t die… And I won’t be burned. And everything will be okay. That makes perfect sense. Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? Yuck! Oh, pee-yew, what is that? Hmm, I don’t know. Could be swamp gas. Well, it doesn’t smell like swamp gas to me. Well, it’s not me. I’m not so sure. Well, whatever it is, it’s getting worse. Yuck. Mark, if you keep this up, you’re gonna have to hire your own private nurse before long. There you are, you son of a ! Oh, no. I wanna go home now. Hi, joy. Look, I’m sorry, but Maggie had some problems and I had to help her out.

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