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Monkey Go Happy Candy Home

Monkey Go Happy Candy Home


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PLAYED : 1948

Monkey Go Happy Candy Home Description

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Monkey Go Happy Candy Home You’re rehearsal was good but the girl is pretty. Which one? The one with the knife. Oh Rajni. She must be your sister. Shall I introduce you. Yes. Rajni, come here for a moment. He’s Anand, a good actor from Delhi. He wants to talk to you. Which plays have you performed in Delhi? I’m dead. I don’t act, I only sing. What are you saying? Don’t you speak Gujarati? What can I talk to him. You’re right. You don’t know Hindi and he doesn’t know Gujarati. I have failed with the language. Yes, you have. No, my mind is insecure Game without you Game my mind is insecure Game I don’t remember when I lost my heart to you Game I felt relieved when you came back to me Game I don’t enjoy life without you Game No my mind is insecure without you. I can’t live without you. If you ever go anywhere anytime Game Let time stand still for me. That time should remain with me forever Game No, my mind is insecure without you. Raghu uncle, where’s Renu? Upstairs. You’ve come now. I’ve been waiting for hours. What can I do? A doctor’s profession is like this. Does Anand like to record? Yes. He loves to talk. When he’s tired, he starts the tape. Where were you, Anand? The entire day? I mean, Renu was waiting for you. What happened. Why’re you breathless? Nothing Babumushai. I found a girl for you Game and today I went in search of a girl for myself. Did you find anyone? Yes, I did, but failed in the language. Why? What happened? She was a Gujarati girl and knows no other language. Yet I haven’t lost hopes. I’ve bought four Gujarati books. Won’t I be able to learn Gujarati within a year. I know. If not now at least the next life. I’ll carry a handycam with me. In my next life, I’ll fall in love at the age of . Are you going out? Yes, but you are not coming. Did you hear? A timid guy is scolding me. No problem. Anand, you’ve received Trivedi’s letter. Read it. I won’t leave even if Trivedi or Indira Gandhi invites me. There’s no place like Bombay. Punjab, Sind, Gujarat, Maratha Dravid, everyone settles here. I have decided that

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