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Monkey Go Time

Monkey Go Time


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Monkey Go Time Description

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Monkey Go Time Having any lastminute doubts about your boy? No. I Game I was just remembering the way you did me. Is there something I should know about Attila? Is there something I should know about Lyon? No, no, no. No, he’s going to stomp that dude into the ground, send him home in a little box. Well, then, there’s the desk. You’ve got about five minutes left to place your bet. It happen too late, man. What’s up, man? You going to make a bet or what? All the stuff. Very good. Which way are you going, man, Lionheart or Attila? One minute to post, my friend. Talk intently in society It’s never easy When you know that it’s free It’s too late to change your mind It’s so hard to see it when it’s all comin’ down ‘Cause you’re only safe in your mind No mercy Your back’s to the wall No, no mercy It’s winner take all See the look on his face? He’s totally psyched out. No mercy Russell. Winner take all No mercy Your back’s to the wall No, no mercy Winner take all Ooh! Ooh! He’s toying with him. Let’s go. That’s it. Another one. Hit him again. What’s wrong? Stay down, damn it! Stay the down! Stay down, man. Just stay down. We bet all the money. Don’t worry about that. Just stay down. Cynthia, she bet against me. I know it. Right? You were right. She bet against me. Damn it. This dude’s going to kill your ass. This dude’s going to kill your ass! He’s hurt. That dude’s going to kill your ass! I told you the way this shit did me. Don’t let it do you. Stay the down. Come on, man. Come on. Look. We don’t need the money, man. I got us a deal Game all the way down the line. I’m going to split it with you, man. all the way. Just like I said I would. Look. It’s on him, man. The whole bet’s on Attila. Wrong bet. Aah! He’s going to kill your ass, man. Come on! Kick the snot out of him! Let’s go, let’s go. Come on, Lionheart. Lionheart! Come on! Come on! You! Go on! Go on! All right! You bury that motherer. Kick the shit out of him! We got him. We got him. Great fight, Lyon. Your family’s going to be OK now. It’s time to go home. Let’s go. Let’s go. Oh, uh, Cynthia, darling.

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