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Monkey Happy meat

Monkey Happy meat


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Monkey Happy meat Description

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Monkey Happy meat I don’t want to waste my life sitting in front of your television! It’s one rock show that I wanted to go for and even for that Game you’re creating such a scene! Mayera, one rock show! It’s just a rock show! You know what, you should be given a Nobel Prize! Somebody, please, give her a Nobel Prize. Any half sensible man would’ve actually given me a prize! Why prize, I’ll give you your money back. Don’t stress, I’ll settle everything! Ok Mohit every single penny Game Of course! With interest! You are so disgusting Yes, I’m the disgusting one. You’re Mother India! Mohit stop the car I said I’ll return it. I don’t want to sit in your dirty rotten car! Stop the car! Ok.. Out of my car now Game Get lost, bye Game and never sit in it again! Moron! Where to madam? What do you want? Move ahead! Hey rickshaw Game rickshaw. One two three four Game One two three four One two Game I’ve got mail Game there is a vacancy Game I would like to welcome Game join company. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oye yes yes! Sir, it’s a car not a cycle Game Latest model. No dent, no scratch, hasn’t run even a thousand miles. Your quotation is a shame for me Game Make an offer I can’t refuse Game The car is in your garage Game as soon as the money is in sir’s pocket! Game Or else I can go to Mr. Bhalla. Yes Sir Yes Mohit Game I’ve called to inform you, an interview call has finally come. It had to Game the application was filed so neatly. Neatly means nothing Game My five page, mindblowing biodata must have impressed them. Anyway, reach home quickly. We have to start preparing for the interview. No Sir, not now Game there’s some crisis here Game Ok Game if you can’t come, I’ll come to your office.. No no Game You don’t come here. I’ll do something Good, reach by . And look Game thank you for all. Ok then. Yes Papa” Mayera come home early today Game Look, have I ever asked you to come home early? No, right! But today please reach home by , and no discussion on this. Or I will never speak to you again. Six means six. Bye bye bye. Radha!

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