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Multiplication Adventure Time

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  • Multiplication Adventure Time

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    Multiplication Adventure Time Description

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    but it all began in a little fishing village in England.” Yes, yes. Inarticulacy, authenticity. He still can’t act. No, no, he really can’t. But Hilliard can, so we get Hilliard to coach him, some sort of on-the-spot dumb show, so the Yank knows what he’s meant to be doing. Gentlemen, I fear there has been some sort of misapprehension. I am an actor, a somewhat derided calling, but mine nonetheless. Perhaps because we are engaged in an imitation of life, there is a common misconception that anything living can do what we do. You have found that not to be so, for which I offer my, um, sincerest commiserations. But I am an actor. I know only my art. Of teaching, of coaching, of dumb show, of these things, I’m afraid I know nothing. I’m so sorry to disappoint. Mr. Hilliard, you’re right. You’re right. Everything you just said. It’s about respect for the art and for the artists. And it makes me think how wrong we’ve been, playing Uncle Frank for laughs. Yes, he’s a drunkard and a clown, but he’s also all those people

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