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Mysterious Logic Fast Trap

Mysterious Logic Fast Trap


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Mysterious Logic Fast Trap Description

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Help! Help! Ooh, I hope you can find tiny enough pens to make your small, little comic books with ’cause you’re about to get smallified! Tra-la-laa! I feel awesome! No way! He has real superpowers! Oh, that is an obvious twist that I did not see coming despite my many years of comic book studies! I have come to save the day! Yay! Yeah, and I’ve come to ruin it! So back off, buddy! Ha-ha! Ew, that’s gross! Oh, there’s more where that came from. Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! Thursday! Ha-ha! Unlimited underpants! Lam so glad that we gave him that superpower! My Sizerator! Well, it’s mine now! Alas! The final failure for Professor Poopypants. Hmm. What does this button do? on Well, hello down there! No! Must be holding it backwards. Yup. That was it. Wow. He is super dumb. I can’t reach. Time to take you down once and for all, Poopypants! Buzz off! Captain Underpants! Fly over here so we can make you big again! Crackerjack idea. George, just don’t No; Ha-ha! Give him a big hand for that one, everybody! Get him. Whoops. Look what I’ve got. A tiny school filled with tiny children and their tiny teachers whose tiny salaries reflect their size and also the value society puts on education. I’ll take that! Oh! Then I’ll take that! Ow! Did you just slap me? Yes, I did. And you deserved it. No, I didn’t! Your hand is huge! That hurt a lot! Give it back, it’s mine! No! Hands off! No fair! No backsies! Give it to me! Would you just give me that? Now look what you’ve done! Give it! George! Gotcha! Yeah, that’s more like it! Nice work, sidekicks! I’ll just put this back down right here. No, no, no! Captain Underpants There we go. Back to normal like it never happened. Oh, no, where’d he go? You’ll never catch me! You can’t stop Professor Poopypants! Get back here! I can’t reach! Get him, Captain Underpants! A bee! Get away from me! I’m free! What? What the Why would you do that? You just let the bad guy get away! Come on, guys. Pretty sure the bee wasn’t the bad guy. What the heck happened here? You’re welcome, peace keeper!

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