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Nelly 2: Episode 2

Nelly 2: Episode 2


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Nelly 2: Episode 2 Description

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Nelly 2: Episode 2 I think Kim JongEun looks pretty y. Well, I am flattered by the competition. Yeah. OK. Good night. Good night. Character. Character is everything. Fortunately, not in life, but in storytelling. Make sure that your characters drive the plot and not the other way around. Yes, questions? Anyone else? Karen, yeah? I’m just wondering, given that besides Paradise Misplaced all your other films were critical and commercial failures, why should we take this or any advice from you? Well, you shouldn’t. Because, um game When it comes to writing, there are no rules, you know? Except be true to the story you’re telling. Just make it your own unique voice. So thank you for pointing that out, Karen. That’s very helpful. Well, I enjoyed your pages, Sara, but, why is it subtitled when the film is in English? To demonstrate the vast gulf between what we say and what we mean. No one’s ever done that before. Yeah, I think Woody Allen did it in Annie Hall. That was a comedy. I’m not interested in comedy. No, no, I do see that. Yes. Thanks, Mr Michaels. Thank you, Rosa. Thank you, Mr Michaels. Thank you, Andrea, Clem, Billy game Maya. At last, thank you. Andrea, this is vastly improved. Really? I’m going to cry. No, really, you’ve done a good job of foreshadowing by starting the script with the Bat Mitzvah video, giving us a hint of the horror to come. But, I still think maybe you just need to define the larger theme of your story. What about the idea that you really have to do everything yourself? Because you can never trust caterers. Yeah. That might be a tad close to The Hurt Locker. Did you think you could maybe dig a little deeper? I don’t think I go that deep. That’s what everybody keeps telling me anyways. Well, let’s prove everybody wrong. OK, well here’s my thought, Billy, and I know how much you love Star Wars, but I’m just not sure ifs really going to pass muster to just retell those stories and change some names around. I didn’t. Well, you have a small, wise, greenish character called Zoda. That’s not the same.

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