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Nice Picnic Match

Nice Picnic Match


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Nice Picnic Match Description

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Nice Picnic Match What does that mean? What is dying is my body. Baba, then why should I ask you for such a small thing? The thing that is dying is my body. Bless my mind so that I’ll smile and make others smile too. Baba, bless me so that I should talk as much as I can Game let me talk good about others and not bad even by mistake. Will it be so, Baba? Why don’t you leave the onions alone? Why are you after it Game I’m not. It’s after me. It had made me cry. Why did you come into the kitchen? I’ll do it. Go to your room. You can push me out now Game but you won’t be able to when she comes and takes over Game That day is not in my fate. I’m not talking about you Raghu uncle, I’m talking of Munna. I was saying the same. Can I get married at this age? Why don’t you get him married? But he should agree. Find a good girl for him. I’ll coerce him. He won’t listen. A nice lady used to come here Game she no longer does. Who was she? She was nice and I think Munna liked her too. But you know how he is. Tell me, will any girl propose to a man. Never. Set a wedding date, bring a priest along Game and catch Munna and get him married. Will it ever happen? No, never. Munna doesn’t understand. He’s doing social service Game and is never bothered about himself. Babumushai, what are you doing alone? Come, let’s go out. But where? Anywhere, come let’s go. Come. No one can argue with you. But not by your car. Then? From here to Victoria Terminus and terminus to Victoria. That means a horse carriage. Why? A Victoria has it’s own grandeur Game It feels like the ancient rich are arriving like some Game Lucknowi Raibahadur Murarikhan sharif. Come, Babumushai, let’s go. You’ll have to wait for the bus for an hour. So what, Babumushai? Hey, Murarilal Game What? Didn’t you recognize me? We had beer at Qutub Minar and Game we were drunk Game You’re mistaken, I’ve never been to Delhi. Your memory is very weak. I’m telling the truth. My name is not Murarilal, but Jagdish. I have a friend named Murarilal and he resembles you Game So what? I’ve met another

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