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Ninja Big Game

Ninja Big Game


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Ninja Big Game Description

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How did this happen? What has happened now? What the hell are you saying son? Yes father, you promised then to get married to the man who cheated her, but when l said sister loves him, you’re ordering to kill him, is it justice, father? Father, you always said one thing, do you remember it? No woman in land of Warangal must shed a tear till we’re alive. lf you say no to this marriage, it’ll happen in our home. The boy is very good, we too like him, father. l must approve him first! bring him here, l’ll talk to him. lf anything goes wrong, you’ll not only lose our family honour, but your father’s life too. Looks like he’s putting on weight behind, he’s cutting our calls. Call Balaraju, you can get hold of him. You’re right! l’m busy Balaraju here, who are you? Are you a beast from jungle? Can’t even say a hello properly. ls it you sir? Greetings sir. l lifted it stylishly without knowing it was you sir. Style? lt won’t suit your face. You’re right sir. Why is your friend cutting my phone calls? l mean i don’t know sir. lt’s okay if he answers my call now, if not your pumpkin will get a good stylish discussion. No need of discussion for such a small thing. He’s in office only. Give the phone to him. Tell him l’m not here. Take it. Why are you not answering my calls? That is Games l lost my phone. lf you lie to me like this, you’ll get lost not your phone. Stop acting smart with me. l told about you to my father, he ordered to kill you, don’t worry, l managed to change his mind, my father wants to meet you, come to Warangal. l’ll come sir. Okay, bye. What did he say? He wants me to come to Warangal. Go, it’ll be over. lf l go, they’ll force marriage on me sir. Marriage? Will you marry her if they ask you? Come, let’s go to the police station. Let’s lodge a complaint. No use. Why? Not just policemen, if necessary they’ll buy police station too. Sorry, they’ll occupy it. Are you here? l’ve been searching for you. They called again for you. Can’t you tell them l’m not here if they call you? They threatened to kill me.

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