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Ninja Game 3

Ninja Game 3


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Ninja Game 3 Description

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Ninja Game 3 My head is elsewhere. Sorry girls. Bro we are really down. We need to recharge already? Are all the traps set kids? Did you guys take care of it? Take care of it? We took super care of it, my love bug. Isn’t that right guys? Obviously. You know we would take care of it? You did a good job bro. Uhm sweetheart? Hmmm? Aren’t we ever going to get some alone time? Hmm? Cenker. How many times have we talked? It’s not easy for a girl is it? It requires psychological preparation. First time is important. It shouldn’t be rushed. Let’s have a good night baby. We need to win the tournament first. Be a little bit more patient, Ok? Oh God! I’m dying of starvation. That idiot was supposed to bring two toasts. Finally. Thank god. Where the hell have you been? Didn’ I tell you to hurry? Here it is, Sebnem. Sebnem? Can’ even learn one simple thing. dismissed. Look at the length of herskirt. I believe we should psychoanalyze Ali from a medical perspective. Doktorstop babbling. The poor kid is obviously suffering from love. We must find a solution immediately. See that’s him over there. Let me go get him. shall I come with? We’ll take care of this. Personally, I should do a one on one psychoanalysis with him in my room. Don’ be daft Doktor. What’s up bro? What’s with a long face? What happened? Hello? Tell me bro. I don’ even understand anything. She’s like ice. But I know she’s not like that. Can’ get two words out of hermouth. Hereyes are always full of sorrow. Bro. Maybe the girl needs more time, to get to know you better. And also Game Game The only way to reach the impossible is Game Game is to believe that it is possible man. Bro I read that somewhere. Come on get up. Get up. Ohhhh God! Sadri! What happened to my Sadri? Sadri! Sadri! Sadri! Ayi! You, you did this. I did no such thing. You did this! You did this! You did this! You did Game Relax, Doktor. Do you think I won’t make them pay ayi? Calm down. Calm down. Sadri. Damn I am so hot again. What’s up? Good. What’s up with you? I’m good. Girl what’s this all about? Did

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