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One Piece Faster Fight Time

One Piece Faster Fight Time


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One Piece Faster Fight Time Description

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days But on the th day we got to work What amazing work have you done? We have found an lndian superboy. Honey! What are you saying? Let me speak, please. Boss, this boy scales high mountains as if they were mere steps for him! He runs fasterthan a horse! And guess what? He puts his hand in the river and pulls out fish! Just think of it, if a boy as talented as him were to come here. .your rating’s are going to soar! Just imagine! l hope you’re not trying to make a fool out of me? No way, boss! You will believe it too. .when you see him doing all those incredible things here! See him here! How? How’s he going to come here? l tried to stop you, but you just wouldn’t listen! Please, Priya! There was no other way of saving our job. Besides, what’s wrong if Krishna comes here? There you go again! Relax! Sit down lf Krishna’s talents are showcased on our channel. .he’d be the one who’d gain. Name, fame, money. He’ll have everything! He’ll be a big man! Just think! l know you’re right, Honey. .but Krishna will never leave his grandma and come.

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